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Artist Statement

Most of my works are inspired by mysticism. I started reading Asian mystical literature when I was sixteen and fell in love with notions like Chuang Tzu’s query about whether he was a man dreaming that he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that he was a man. Fast forward past college and art school. The first day I began my MFA program, I came upon Souls on Fire, Elie Weisel’s book of Hassadic tales. I was shocked and delighted to learn about a mystical aspect of my own culture and quickly became deeply engaged with the Kabbalah. Since that time, I have explored numerous aspects of the Kabbalah in my work. These range from the Shekhina, the female aspect of God who dwells among humanity to Kabbalist interpretations of Torah.

The process of my work aligns with the content in that it, too, follows a path of mystery. I improvise using the standard compositional elements, especially color and texture, and by mixing “fine art,” craft-based, and natural materials. I see what happens and then respond to what I see, never knowing what will happen next.